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My story

While honeymooning in the Greek Islands Karen found a lump on her jaw.  Upon returning home, she received the news that she had very advanced melanoma cancer and less than six months to live.


That was twenty-four years ago.


After an extremely difficult battle that included fifteen operations and more than twenty-two weeks in the hospital undergoing an experimental protocol, Karen survived.  What’s more, she found she had a story of inspiration and hope. 


It is a story that has become the platform for a powerful speaking, teaching, and writing ministry.  Karen’s warm and engaging approach to speaking places people at ease.  Her scripture-based teaching, coupled with her humorous style makes her a very desirable conference speaker and teacher.  Karen’s story has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Nightline, PBS, and a documentary film that was made on the journey called The Test of Hope.

In the midst of this lengthy battle with cancer, Karen went to art school.

What began as a fascination with photography quickly blossomed into a love for acrylic painting.

Karen’s art is available for sale on her website.

She’s very honored to know that her paintings can be found in homes all over the world.

She is represented in the Atlanta and Dallas Markets for retail distribution.

On any given day, Karen can be found on social media attempting to interrupt the sad and negative narrative with a message of hope.

She is quick to remind anyone who will listen that hope is only as powerful as your source of it.


Karen’s source is Almighty God.

Karen lives with her family on the water in Charleston, South Carolina. She has a husband, three grown sons, a bonus son, a beautiful foster daughter, a lively grandson, and a fabulous dog named Shaggy.


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