On the darkest day of Karen Velasquez’s life, the day she was diagnosed with cancer and told she was going to die, God gave her a rainbow.  This real and unmistakable reminder of His presence ushered in her lifelong love affair with the sky.


The cancer interruption was a good thing for Karen.  Being ill for a long time caused her to realize that life can be short, so why spend your days doing things that don’t fulfill you? In the midst of cancer treatments and multiple operations, Karen went to art school.  She studied painting,  photography and media design. What began as an outpouring of creativity has become her favorite job yet. How many people do you know who get paid to do what they LOVE? Karen is fascinated with the play of color that accompanies the changing light.

While many gravitate to the beauty of a sapphire sky, Karen loves the friction caused by the mixed bag of light that accompanies cloudy skies.  While the picture perfect blue skies appeal to some, Karen knows the truth is in the clouds.  Life is hard, filled with pain and struggles, but in between the clouds, where the light peeks in, hope is found.  Karen seeks to have her art plant a seed of hope. Her fascination with the sky has led to a body of work inspired by the colors of a sunrise, the beauty of creation and the hope for another day.


Karen is living her dream with her family in Charleston, South Carolina……twenty-one years later.