Professional Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker who will challenge and inspire, a speaker who will have your group laughing one moment and looking for the tissue box the next moment, then Karen is the perfect speaker for your event.

  With more than fifteen years of experience speaking at retreats and Christian events, Karen has established herself as a speaker who always encourages, always entertains yet never fails to turn hearts and minds toward Christ.

Karen seeks to drive home the idea that hope is only as powerful as your source of it.

With topics that engage and inspire Karen shares the powerful example of God’s grace and mercy in her life.

Some popular seminars include:

The Practice of Hope As we navigate the struggles of life, we often find ourselves missing the joy that God intends for our lives. Hope is something we must seek out and practice like a training athlete. Learn practical ways to move from a discouraged spirit to one grounded in eternal hope.

Healing Wounds God’s Way Life is hard, filled with pain. Unexpected emotional tragedies strike us all the time. Learn how to seek God for healing. Just as we would care for a painful physical wound, God calls us to care for our emotional wounds in a similar fashion. Come and challenge yourself to take daily steps to heal your broken heart.

The Great Interruption What happens when life throws you a curveball interruption? Learn how God uses these interruptions to shape you. Take some time to understand that your response to these unwelcome interruptions has an impact for years to come.

Reflections in the Mirror Is your self-image grounded in your reflection in the mirror or is it based on the solid truth of God’s love for you? Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to the impossible standards this culture inflicts on women? Learn to see yourself through the eyes of God.

Letting Go You will discover that what we hold onto with the tightest grip is most often the one thing God wants to own.  Come and see how letting go will change your life.

The Prayer Workshop This prayer workshop walks through the components of a powerful and fruitful prayer life. Karen will challenge you to seek God for everything and expect Him to answer.  Come and walk away with a plan of action.

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